Do I Qualify with an Istrian grandfather?

Are you eligible for Italian Citizenship jure sanguinis?

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Postby marciatrouton » Sun Jun 03, 2007 9:08 pm

Penguindump, good luck on Wednesday when I drop my daughter ott I will send you the best of wishes Did you ever try Italiamerica? Marcia
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Postby frankv » Tue Dec 25, 2007 11:43 pm

Here's an update:
Appointment is set...March 20th 2008.NYC Consulate.
Spent Christmas eve wandering lower Manhattan getting my certs and Apostille...BTW..waited a total of 2 minutes at the NYC clerk..paid my 21 dollars...walked 10 minutes to Williams Street...walked up to the window..presented my docs..paid my $ my Apostilles!
total time spent: ridiculously minimal!
here's what I have:
Grandfathers Birth Certificate...It's from Croatia as that's where his home town currently is within.
Grandmother's Birth certificate from Italy
Grandparents marriage certificate..Apostilled and translated.
Grandfather death cert..Apostilled and translated.
Grandmothers Death Cert.
Grandfather's Naturalization papers..He entered the US 1926...became a citizen father was born 1940.
Father's Birth Cert...apostilled and translated
Mothers Birth certificate
Parents marriage certificate..Apostilled and translated
My birth Cert..Apostilled and translated
Wifes Birth cert
Kids Birth Certs..Apostilled and translated
My marriage cert..Apostilled and translated.
Forms 1, 2 and 3 from the aplication pack filled out..signed notarized.

As My grandfather was from an area that is no longer Italy..I needed to prove he was living there and did not leave until after 1920...
I have the Stato di Famiglia from the Commune of Trieste stating he was living in Trieste from 1916 until 1925..This I hope is ample proof.
Also, dealing with the Communes of Triest and Gualdo Tadino was a real pleasure!
In fact the commune of Gualdo Tadino sent me documents relating to my grandmother's family that stretch back until 1690!
And can I also state that they charged me nothing? even sending me back the International postal coupons I sent! Real class acts..I actually sent them Christmas cards this year :)

I must say I started this quest because I was interested in some family geneology...We basically knew nothing about my grandfather's family.
The documents I recieved were me new names to research, new towns, basically discovering who we are and where we came from.
This summer we actually travelled to the town of my grandfather's birth..and I was extremely fortunate to meet 2 people in the town who were able to allow me to look through the original town documents of my grandfather's birth and my great grandmothers death.
Here's a little anecdote that I'm sure you'd all appreciate:

I photographed the ledger record of my grandfather's birth..from 1902.

While reading and translating the entry I notice the last column had the midwife's name.
I'm a Dentist in NYC..and the midwife's name was the same as one of my patients...though my patient is in her 20's.

So at her next check up, I asked her if she was from Istria, specifically Rovigno...She perked up and said yes! Why did I ask?
So I relate the above story and she goes home..calls me 10 minutes later..and tells me she spoke to her dad..and the midwife was his aunt! in fact my patient was named after her!

Even If my application is denied..I cannot help but be thankful for the knowledge gained!
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Postby hellosquire » Wed Dec 26, 2007 7:10 am

Now that is an amazing story. Good luck! :D
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Postby frankv » Tue Feb 12, 2008 10:23 am

tolly wrote:.....From what I can gather from this it means if you were born in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, (as did my grandfather coming from Rovigno), that were ceded to Italy Post WWI, and you did not leave those lands until after July 16, 1920, then the claim for Italian citizenship can be made......

You are too late. The law regarding Jus Sanguinis for descendents of Italians who came from the former Austro-Hungarian empire was changed in Italy in 2004 and those descendents are no longer eligible to claim Italian citizenship.

I Don't know about that...I'm under the impression that the Law was extended to 2011...unless I'm mistaken.
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Postby frankv » Tue Feb 12, 2008 11:40 pm ... /23808.htm

Okay, did some inquiring:
..the law was amended in 2006 for another 5 years..So I have until 2011.

Don't scare me like that Tolly ;)
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happy for you

Postby marciatrouton » Thu Feb 14, 2008 1:42 pm

Franv I know this is a long time after your post but I haven't been on site for a long time and your story was a good one so I got caught up. Phew! I am glad for the extension. My mother's side was from Trento a similiar situation, they considered themselves Italian but were listed as Austrians when they arrived. Fortunately I qualified through my father. Marcia
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Postby frankv » Thu Mar 20, 2008 11:32 pm

***Edit...It was brought to my attention that this post was taken in the wrong is and was meant to be just a commentary on my experiences..NOT a NEGATIVE commentary. I've only had good experiences with my visits. *****

Cross post as I also posted this to the "Consulate' forum..but I wanted to add it here for continuation :)

here's a recap of my appointment with the NY Consulate.
I met with a gentleman..think his name was Antonio..he never really introduced himself, I say the name on his desk sign, though he was relatively pleasant.

A quick backround: I'm applying under my Grandfather, who was born in Istria..which is now Croatia.

He began his questions in English, so I continued..though I'm fluent in Italian.
As per other cases we began with my grandfather, and when he saw the Birth cert. was from Croatia, that's when the fun began

He then asked for proof of Italian citizenship for my grandfather..Which I do not have anything tangible. I sensed the meeting taking a bad turn.. :D

Initially I don't think he realized there was a way for me to apply...I was ready for this so I produced my copy of the Italian Law stating so.

He conferred with a young lady at a nearby desk..they began talking in Italian, And as I understood them , She was explaining to him that yes..there is an Italian Law enabling Istrians to claim citizenship...but I would need to show 'continuity and familiarization with Italian language and culture'.

She then produced a copy of another Istrian's application and showed me what I would need.
I would need an 'Istanza' addressed to the commune..stating that I would be applying under the Italian law granting citizenship to Istrians, and others in the same category, *plus* evidence that I was upholding and participating in the Italian Culture.
This would be in the form of certificates of membership to Italian Civic associations.
I would also need to translate my grandfather's birth cert for them.

He basically told me to return at a later date when I had this 'Istanza' and the certificates of membership.

My wife who was with me just about burst out laughing!
Here I've been for the past 3 years or so gathering obscure goverment documents..getting official seals and stamps on them..gathering even more obscure documents from foreign countries..
And what they want is letters stating my membership in Italian American cultural associations! :lol:

So..As I am a member of a few Italian American organizations..I will contact them and ask for a letter stating that I am a attach to this 'Istanza'..and then translate my grandfathers Birth certificate, and I will meet again with the Consulate at a later date which they gave me..In June :lol:

What's another 3 months? :wink:
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