Name change and missing birth certificate

Are you eligible for Italian Citizenship jure sanguinis?

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Name change and missing birth certificate

Postby ps1985 » Tue Aug 25, 2009 2:30 pm

My name is Pat Silvestre and I'm considering applying for jure sanguinis citizenship.

My great grandfather was born Giovanni DiSilvestro in Italy and he and his family moved to the US around January 1905. Two months later they had my grandfather, Guglielmo DiSilvestro. My great grandfather was never naturalized; he applied late in life but was rejected. At some point when my grandfather was a child, my great grandfather started calling himself John Silvestre and referring to my grandfather as William Silvestre. There was never a legal name change. My great grandfather lived the rest of his life in America as John Silvestre and my grandfather as William Silvestre.

My grandfather was unable to locate his birth certificate in his 60s or 70s when he was applying for a passport. After getting a retroactively issued baptisimal letter from the church where he was baptized, testimony from friends and relatives, and a few other documents, he was able to sufficiently prove that he was born in the US and was issued a passport that displays his age. As far as I know his birth certficate was never located. My grandfather was also issued a social security number at some point.

I have dozens of documents proving that my grandfather and great grandfather made a transition from DiSilvestro to Silvestre: grandfather-grandmother marriage announcement in newspaper that reads "William Silvestre (Guglielmo DiSIlvestro)" for the groom; information in several censuses under the name silvestre with many other documents showing the same family under the name DiSilvestro and Silvestro at the same addresses at the same time; US alien registration card for italian immigrants of great grandfather and great grandmother with americanized names; great grandfather's naturalization application showing both americanized and italian names; also many signed documents where it was issued to John Silvestre/William Silvestre but signed Giovanni DiSilvestre/Guglielmo DiSilvestro or vice versa; photos of father, grandfather, and great grandfather together and of myself, father, and grandfather together which match photos on government documents)

I already have originals of the following documents:

My birth certificate
Mother and father's birth and marriage certificates
Grandmother's birth and death certificates
Grandfather's death certificate (missing birth certificate)
Grandfather and grandmother's marriage certificate
Great grandmother's birth certificate (from Italy) and death certificate (from U.S.)
Great grandfather's birth certificate (from Italy) and death certificate (from U.S.)
Great grandfather and great grandmother's marriage certificate (from Italy)

My two main obstacles are the unofficial name change and the missing birth certificate of my grandfather.
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Re: Name change and missing birth certificate

Postby Em » Tue Aug 25, 2009 6:42 pm

Most people who have name discrepancies do not have back-up documentation connecting the two names. That you do simplifies the process. Most significant is the naturalization document, a government record that establishes the connection between the two names. The consulate can ask you to amend one or several documents, but it's possible that they simply accept your documentation.
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