Help, I think I qualify- not sure though!

Are you eligible for Italian Citizenship jure sanguinis?

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Help, I think I qualify- not sure though!

Postby calderanSC » Sun Oct 31, 2010 2:34 pm

Hi, I am at the beginnings of researching the possibility that I may obtain dual italian citizenship.

I was born in April of 1946.

My father was born in Italy in 1913 (October 1) and came to the US in 1927.

His father was born in Italy, came to the US in 1914 and naturalized October 5, 1932.
(If my father's birth date is correct, he was then 19 when his father naturalized so he was no longer a minor?)

His mother was born in Italy in 1890, came to the US in 1927 and naturalized May 19, 1943.

I have found documents of my grandparent's naturalization, but nothing of my Father. My entire life he told everyone he was French and it is only after his death that I discovered that he was not French, but Italian!

He was issued a SS#, but I remember there being some issue about him not having a birth certificate at various times in my childhood. Right now I am not sure if he ever naturalized, or, if he lied on the paperwork to get the SS number.

I have obtained the data about the microfilm rolls for the area in which my Father and Grandparents were born and my Grandparent's married, and will be going to my local research facility to try to track down the birth certificates and marriage certificate, but these only go through 1910, so my Father's birth certificate will not be there... I have a friend in Italy who is going to make some calls and try to track down where to get that for me.

So of course, my question is- is it possible that I qualify, IF I am able to assess that my Father did not naturalize? He did marry my mother I believe around 1935 (I am trying to track down exact date). My mother was born in the United States.

Thank you for any assistance or advice!
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Re: Help, I think I qualify- not sure though!

Postby Em » Sun Oct 31, 2010 7:23 pm

Check on the birth certificate for your father because I do believe that in 1932, the age of majority was still 21. I don't think this changed until the latter part of the 20th century. If your father was indeed 19 years old when your gf naturalized, your father naturalized as a minor.

It was, however, possible to obtain a SS number even without US citizenship so that is not a clue.
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Re: Help, I think I qualify- not sure though!

Postby Juicy850 » Sat Nov 12, 2011 3:01 am

Thanks for the great reading
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Re: Help, I think I qualify- not sure though!

Postby SeanJ » Mon Nov 14, 2011 12:28 pm

The age of majority is handled by each state. So you would have to go to the state where your father resided and find out what the age of majority was back in 1932. But I think you need to concentrate on the fact that your father was born in Italy. So you need to obtain his birth certificate (I was able to get my great-grandfather's from 1891) from the Comune where he was born. Then you need to get your father's naturalization papers from Immigration. If you are able to show a birth certificate from Italy (for your father), and either NO naturalization papers, or naturalization papers AFTER you were born, you should be eligible.
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