mother and father born in italy

Are you eligible for Italian Citizenship jure sanguinis?

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mother and father born in italy

Postby dsc » Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:11 am

Hello all,
my mother and father were born in italy as well as my grandparents. My mom and dad became us citizens before I was born. So can I get citizenship through my grandfather. And if so what records would I need. I have all my parents records and my grandparents marriage and situation of family record. What other records would I need.. thank you for your help.
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Re: mother and father born in italy

Postby Em » Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:07 pm

You cannot skip generations so, no, you cannot obtain citizenship through your grandparents.

There are a few options depending on your situation. You parents can reacquire their citizenship easily by going to the consulate and completing a form stating their intention to do so and then, within one year, establishing a residence in Italy. They can use a relatives address in their comune of birth. Once this residency is established, they can obtain their passports. This procedure usually takes less than one month. If you are a minor at this time, you will obtain citizenship as well.

If you are over 18, however, you cannot obtain citizenship in this manner. You will need to reside in Italy for three years, and then you can naturalize. Check with your consulate to determine the documents you will require to prove you are eligible for this expedited path to naturalization.

Then, of course, if your parents naturalized after 1992, they and you are still Italian citizens, and you need only present your documents to the consulate to prove it.
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