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Changes in Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis Law?

PostPosted: Tue Apr 12, 2011 8:22 am
by mooks
Hi I just have a question if anyone out there would know (or I'd like to hear some opinions) about whether there may be some changes in Jure Sanguinis Italian citizenship law in the future...???

Do you think there may be (or is it possible) that there may be a way the Italian government could implement a new law that then makes it so Italian citizens by Jure Sanguinis can't get their citizenship recognised anymore, or do you think that the rules about Italian citizenship pertain strictly to the laws regarding citizenship in affect at one's time of birth?

For example: The Italian government changes the law in regards to citizenship that if you haven't had your italian citizenship recognised by a certain date, that you are no longer an italian citizen Jure sanguinis by birthright... OR do you think this is not possible??

It is I am just worried for family members who haven't got their citizenship recognised yet and that have to wait ages for an interview! What if the government changes the citizenship laws pertaining to Jure Sanguinis before they even get an appointment!

Haha i know this sounds crazy... I just want to hear what some possibilities could be - and seeing that we are all Italian citizens by birthright could they change the current laws so that we are no longer italian citizens anymore (i.e. our birthrights then taken away).. if you know what i mean....

I wanna hear what you guys think!

Re: Changes in Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis Law?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2011 6:10 pm
by dk101

I will tell from another perspective.

I was in Italian consulate (couple of times, regard Italian Jus Sanguinis).
Once I miss the station and bla bla and I get pretty late to embassy. The lawyer which work there sad to me that I am late that he have some other thing to do and he was polite he sad you know you have here documents I need time to study that so it will be ok if you came in two week when my college will be here so we can study your case. That means you get appointment but the lawyer in embassy or team of experts need to study each case to tiny details so that they could be able to answer is it possible or not to be granted Italian citizenship. If so than documents go to Italy. It seems that first lawyers in embassy study each case in detail before they send all that stuff to Italy.

Re: Changes in Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis Law?

PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 6:32 am
by Masullo003
Good question, I'm worried about the same thing. There is no guarantee that the law will remain as it is, but I doubt it will change in the short term. At the moment, Italian parliament has much more to deal with than immigration laws, specifically jure sanguinis. Plus, considering the unimpressive speed with which new laws are passed, it could take years to change even if they wanted to. Once we hear who the new prime minister will be, it could be useful to take a look at his policies and agenda. If there are no worries there, you can feel safe for at least a while longer.

Re: Changes in Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis Law?

PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 6:33 am
by Masullo003
and there's absolutely no way they would take away somebody's existing citizenship, no matter how it was acquired. Once you have it, you have it.