Qualifying dead end... Any thoughts on a petition?

Are you eligible for Italian Citizenship jure sanguinis?

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Qualifying dead end... Any thoughts on a petition?

Postby Maddalena » Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:07 am

Hello everyone.
My name is Maddalena and I am new to the board (which is wonderful, by the way). My situation is probably identical to countless others. My parents were born in Italy and became naturalized US and Canadian citizens (father and mother, respectively) before I was born. When the window opened in 1992, they did not apply for citizenship, as they were afraid of the possibility of my siblings and I being called for compulsory military service at some point in our lives. I was only 9 years old when the window closed.

I understand that it has now been made easier for someone in my parents situation to 'establish' residence in Italy and (potentially quickly) regain their citizenship. However, as I am no longer a minor, this really doesn't help me at all. Going to Italy for three years to regain my citizenship seems like a long shot.

And it's led me to wonder...Italian law refused the right of dual-citizenship before 1992, so all those who emigrated and naturalized in other countries before that year had no choice but to relinquish their Italian citizenship. In fact, from my understanding, it was an automatic process. What I don't understand is, when Italy decided in 1992 to allow dual citizenship and opened the window for those who renounced their citizenship to regain it, why did they not just do away with the issue of renouncement all together? Why put a time frame on when those people, who wrongfully lost their citizenship, and their descendents could reclaim it? At the very least they could allow those people who 'establish' a residence in order to gain their citizenship to pass their regained citizenship onto their adult children... At least the descendents of those who emigrated to European countries still have the right to live and work in Italy as EU citizens. But for all of us who are not EU citizens, what options do we have? If we don't have the option of simply 'establishing a residence', if we can't afford to make the move to Italy for three years, if we're not married to an Italian, well, then what is there for us?

It's probably silly, but I was considering the idea of beginning an online petition to ask the Italian government to address this issue. Does anyone think it would be worthwhile? Does anyone know who to address it to? Would anyone want to take part in launching it?

And, most importantly, if such a petition came through your email account, would you sign it? Or am I just grasping at straws? ANY THOUGHTS would be most appreciated.
Thanks. Sincerely,
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