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Success in Philadelphia

Postby vbiondino » Wed Oct 28, 2009 11:01 am

I started gathering documents in early November 08. Called for an appointment and got one for June 9th, 09. Gathering the required documents and having them translated and appostled wasn't too difficult. Just make sure you have all your I's dotted and T's crossed. The hardest part was getting my father's naturalization certificate and my mother's birth certificate (I didn't really need it). With documents in hand I went to the appointment in Philadelphia on June 9th. Met with Lia. She was extremely accommodating. I filled out the necessary forms, of which there were only two. Surprisingly, she asked if my wife would like to become citizen as well. I told her yes but she was neither here nor had she filled out any paperwork. She said that since they already had her birth certificate and our marriage license all they needed from her was to mail them a notarized copy of her US Passport and MD driver's license. On October 10th we received our letter, AIRE documents and certificate stating that we were in fact Italian citizens. It took almost eleven month to the day. I realize that my situation may not have been as complicated as some others. I only had to go through my father who became a US citizen six months after I was born. My next step is the passport. It shouldn’t be too difficult. There is no way to describe how invaluable this forum is in helping people navigate this process. So, I say to everyone who ever posted a reply or a hint to make things easier. Molto Grazie
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