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Success in Manchester UK

Postby Bruno » Sun Nov 22, 2009 11:20 am

Hi, just wanted to share my success story in obtaining Italian citizenship and Italian passport for my nephew/Godson. I applied back in July and last week we went to the consulate for him to be added to my sisters passport (we fly out to Italy at Christmas) as we were told registration would not be complete until early 2010. On entering the Consulate I went straight to the Stato Civile just on the off chance that registration had been completed. It had!!! So with this we proceeded to the passport counter, filled out the forms and last Friday the passport arrived!!
My words of advice are to be thorough with gathering all the info needed. DO NOT leave anything to chance. We Italians love our bureaucracy. I am blessed with being able to speak and write fluent Italian. A rarity for 2nd generation Italians. Some consulate wotkers are very condescending and patronizing, but when you converse with them in flawless Italian they crumble!! Be humble, but at the same time clear and concise. This forum is an excellent tool. I wish everyone on their citizenship journey every success.
Viva l'Italia!!
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