Success in New York!!

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Success in New York!!

Postby tonytax » Mon Nov 07, 2011 6:18 am

Just wanted to report that the New York consulate is not a nightmare to go through. They don't suffer fools, but if you know that you deserve Italian citizenship, you will be treated fairly. I had to prove that my paternal grandfather, Antonino, became Antonio the minute he got off the ship in 1905 and later on Anthony. The ship manifest proved that Antonino left Naples and was to live with his brother on Henry St. in Brooklyn. The 1910 census showed Antonio living with the brother at that address. The 1930 census showed Anthony at the 1920 census address. My father was born at home, and his birth certificate was a nightmare--wrong day, wrong spelling of his last name, and birth name of Michaelangelo. 3 weeks later, at baptism, he was Michael--for the rest of his life. The consulare at first said that we would have to change every record of the father to show the "correct" birth date. Fortunately the birth certificate had been stamped with my father's date of death and death certificate number, and after a 5 minute perusal, the consulare said okay. We had the Catholic Church official canon that said a baby could only be baptized with the name of a saint, and Michaelangelo was hardly that. Plus, as the second son, my father was named after his mother's father, whose name was Michael, we thought. Lo and behold we found the grandfather's marriage certificate from the church in Brooklyn. The English copy had Michael, the Italian copy, Michaelangelo. We squeaked by. I had been divorced twice. (Third time IS a charm!) I had all the official documents, I thought, but they wanted the whole divorce decree (pages and pages) translated into Italian. Once that was done, I was home free. I started gathering information in October of 2009, had my appointment with the consulare in August of 20010, mailed the additional material in October, and received my acceptance letter in January 2011. I live in Scotland and have used my new passport with no hitches. Good luck to everyone on this journey. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it!
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