response from DHS - USCIS

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response from DHS - USCIS

Postby Destin2BeItaliano » Thu Jul 16, 2009 3:25 am

Ok so first let me give a little background information. I applied for a record search for my great-grandfather on 12-18-2008. I was living in Birmingham, AL until this May but have always kept my mailing address as my mother's PO Box in Florida where I've had my mail sent for 8 years (pay bill online anyway). However the United States Post Office, allegedly under direction from the Department of Homeland Security, began requiring that the local post office to have a copy of the ID for every person who gets mail in any post office. NEVERMIND that I've gotten mail there for 8 years and now they do this and don't give the box holders any notice of the new policy. This occurred the beginning of March but I didn't learn of it until the middle of the month. I contacted vital records offices who sent out the documents that had been returned to them however I knew USCIS can take up to a year so I didn't have any reason to expect it would be a concern. Unfortunately it was sent on March 4th! Only yesterday did I learn this when I read on their site that requests from April 2009 were currently being handled. So I emailed them as it suggests and within 15 minutes I had a strange number on my caller ID which I ignored and a moment later a detailed email response as well. I was given the direct number of a very nice woman who I spoke to via phone 3 times (keep in mind this all started at 3:30PM so little of the day was left) and we emailed another 3 times addressing questions. I was shocked at how quickly I was contacted since I had already reconciled with myself a 3 day or so turn around time). Ms. Long was great and very accommodating.

It seems that they have found a C-File that is believed to be my great-grandfather. However it’s from the Rochester NY Supreme Court Naturalization Court which is curious since I know he never lived in NY much less that part of the state. His wife's parents and siblings lived in Brooklyn but they were all originally living in Alabama. I really don't want to waste $20.00 for a document which isn't likely to be his - any thoughts? I'm waiting for a response from her again about the likelihood its the correct Giuseppe Ferlisi. Additionally this C-File is date November 1919 and he had been here since 1902, married, already had a child, owned property and businesses, etc. I’m praying it isn’t him because my grandfather wasn’t born until 1924.

One other thing is that when I logged in to order the C-File using my previously set up user name, it gave the option of the C-file and also an A-File which their letter, nor Ms. Long had mentioned being available. I thought an immigrant only got one type of file or the other…? Plus, as I understand it, when naturalized, the file number would be added to the passenger record for the first entry into the U.S. by the immigrant. I have a copy of that record and it is not listed. However a 1930 census record says “NA” under his status – he also spoke only broken English up until his death so perhaps he answered incorrectly, or simply believed he had complete the process.

Any thoughts? Words of encouragement?
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