Please, i need advice

Determine if an ancestor was ever naturalized and, if so, discuss your consulate's requirements for proving this.

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Please, i need advice

Postby Joe Diorio » Sat Aug 26, 2006 1:43 am

Thanks alot Em. it looks like both his Mothers family and Fathers family still reside there, according to the Surname list. i found out the name of the town by bugging my grandfather's only remaining cousin and he had an old envelope with the address of his father's parent's home in Macchia valfortore. also i went to the Italian consulate in Philadelphia today but i didnt get much accomplished. the receptionist told me i couldnt make an aapointment, she gave me a paper with information about applying for jure sanguinis and told me to come back with all my documents and apostilles.
she said i needed death certificates for all deceased relatives which is fine but when i asked her what i should do in the event that my great grandparents were married, she sais i needed to get a certified letter from city hall saying that no marriage occured. so i also stopped at city hall but they said they dont give out such letters. what should i do.

Also, i forgot to ask if a cerrtificate of no records from the local NARA branch would suffice in place of an INS record which takes forever to obtain. do you think this will be acceptable? when i went down the the NARA Archives office, he told me alot of italians go there to get a certified letter or record from them so it may suffice, but is it worth paying for all the documents and presenting them to the consulate without the certificate from USCIS?
ive heard the Philadelphia italian consulate was a flexible "friendly" consulate. Any words of wisdom would be excellent.

Thanks again,

Joe Diorio
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Postby Anonymous » Sat Aug 26, 2006 7:51 am

Joe, a "receptionist" is not a Consular official, and has no right to tell you that you cannot make an appointment, unless she meant one was not necessary. You also had the right to speak to the consular officer there, to determine what documents are needed. the receptionist had no right to tell you that you needed a letter from city hall, as the consular official may say differently. She clearly violated your rights as an Italian citizen. She has NO authority whatsoever, to tell you anything.

Funny thing, I was in Philadelphia in 1998 and went up to a window in Philadelphia. the room was on the left, and the receptionist window on the right as you walk in. I went up to her, telling her I wanted to speak to an Italian official. She asked in refernece to what, and I said "I want to go to Italy. her responce? "You can`t just up and leave". I said "may I speak to a consular officer". she then seemed to press a button, as a young man came to an opposite window (who was a young consular chief about 23 years old)I thought to myself, who does this woman think she is? I wonder if its the same person. I left shortly afterwards to pursue a job offer, and didn`t gather the documents at that time, and not for several years later. At any rate, the official told me what i needed at the time, in order to leave for Italy. The woman was angry that the officer gave me the information, and I smiled on my way out, making her more angry. Loved the experience

Postby Em » Sat Aug 26, 2006 10:02 am

Things may have changed, but at least five years ago, you did not need an appointment in Philly.
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