USCIS No records vs. Certification of Nonexistence

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USCIS No records vs. Certification of Nonexistence

Postby bealudobona » Fri Aug 13, 2010 5:56 pm

I've sent my index search request to USCIS. I expect a no-records letter, or if I'm lucky, an alien registration # for my GGF. However, I'm concerned about the time - the appointment is in 9 months and I understand that it can take one to two years to get a certification of nonexistence out of USCIS. I'd like to request one now. Some questions:

1. If USCIS locates an alien reg card during the index search, will I still need a nonexistence of record for naturalization?
2. Do I need a USCIS no records letter to request a USCIS certification of nonexistence? Or can I pursue both tracks simultaneously?
3. If I can write directly for a cert of nonexistence, would enclosing copies of all the other evidentiary proof help me (no records ltrs from local courts; census docs indicating "AL"; NARA no-records ltrs, etc.)?
4. Does it really take 1-2 years to get a cert of nonexistence?

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Re: USCIS No records vs. Certification of Nonexistence

Postby CPA21 » Sat Aug 14, 2010 6:49 pm

USCIS is turning things around more quickly these days. It takes four months for USCIS to do a basic search. The Certificate of Nonexistence can be done in 60 days or less.

I would count on 6/7 months from soup to nuts.
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