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Italian Renouncation vs. New Canadian Citizenship Law

PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 11:33 am
by DeannaM
I am canadian searching for Italian citizenship through my father's side.

My father, Grandpa and grandma were born in Italy, and relocated to Canada in the 50's.

My grandpa renounced his italian citizenship in 1957, and my father in 1972 (before I was born).
My grandma is still an italian with Canadian residence.

Since 1992, dual citizenship was allowed.

What is the process of my father regaining his italian citizenship now?
Before, the law stated that he had to return to Italy to reside for 1 year. But now, after this law??

I am not able to recieve citizenship until after 3 years of residing in Italy; however, it is nearly impossible to remain in Italy for that time. Even with a work contract. I have received different information from almost everyone in the past year. I am currently in Italy trying to find the correct information. HELP!

I hope someone has information for confidence is fading.
Thank you