Notification from consulate - sorry posted in wrong forum

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Notification from consulate - sorry posted in wrong forum

Postby JM » Sun Aug 24, 2008 2:11 pm

How do different consulated notify you of your citizenship?

For example, Miami will accept your documents and let you know by mail that they are all acceptable and that you are a citizen. (They will send you two letters: one advises you that they have sent your documents on to the comune in Italy, the other is a letter in Italian that states you are an Italian Citizen. It is a notarized copy of the letter they send out with your documents to the comune).

Miami then forwards your documents onto your comune in Italy and it isn't until AFTER that is recorded and the consulate gets confirmation back from the comune, that you are allowed to come in for your Italian passport. So, even though you are a citizen with the consulate when the documents go out, I guess you're not recognized as being an Italian citizen until the documents are recorded in Italy.

I know NY lets you apply for your passport once the consulate recognizes your Italian citizenship. Judging from CJC's latest posts it seems like Phili does it the same as Miami. How do other consulates do it?

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