Finding an Italian Death Certificate

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Finding an Italian Death Certificate

Postby Kinglouis3 » Mon Sep 15, 2008 4:31 pm


So basically my paternal great grandfather came to America around 1914, married my great grandmother, had 2 kids one being my grandfather and moved back to Italy with the family in 1925. Sometime between 1925 and 1929. I believe he passed away and my great grandmother moved back with the 2 kids in 1929, I've got the ship manifest with just her and the kids. The ship manifest said they had been living in Lucca which is around where my great grandfather was born, so I was guessing they went back to live near his parents.

Do I need my great grandfathers death certificate? I'm applying at the New York consulate. If I do need it then when my great grandfather passed away would the death certificate be located at the commune that his birth certificate is located or would it be located at the commune of the town he passed away in? If it is located in the commune of the town he passed away in how could I go about finding a death certificate if I don't know what commune it would be at? Also I don't have any relatives that would know any of this information.

Any help would be great. Thanks
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