Italian commune can't find- but date off by 20 years- redo??

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Italian commune can't find- but date off by 20 years- redo??

Postby lemurbaby » Mon Jun 12, 2006 3:52 pm


In February I sent a request to the commune of Bagheria for my great-grandfather's records, but the person who translated the letter into Italian provided a birthdate 20 years later than it should have been. The letter I received back from them a month later said that after extensive searching, they could not find the records for my great-grandfather.

I sent another letter with the correct date about a month ago and haven't heard anything. I don't even know if they've received this letter. I'm afraid they got it, realized it was the same person writing again, and dumped it in the trash before noticing the new birthdate.

Do you think an "extensive" search would include dates 20 years out? They had the correct name and place at least. Do you think this really means the record is not on file with them? Should I start writing to churches etc in Bagheria??
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Postby Em » Tue Jun 13, 2006 6:57 pm

An extensive search will not include a 20-year period, so you were wise to make another request. I assume that in your second letter, you explained that your initial request had an incorrect date.

In any case, this can be time consuming. ICGS obtained my grandfather's birth certificate for me, but it took almost two months, and they are experts at this sort of thing.
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