Death cert help needed

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Death cert help needed

Postby jgenduso » Tue Sep 01, 2009 5:00 pm


I am trying to get my grandmother's death cert from NJ.

I starting by going through to get my GM death certificate. Vitalcheck has been great so far until I ran into a problem with this document.

They require my birth cert and father's birth cert to get my GM's birth cert. I sent them both docs.

Here's the problems: (1) My birth cert has my dad as Joseph Richard Genduso, his NYC birth cert from 1915 has him as Guiseppe Genduso. (2) His birth cert has his mother as Iganiza Genduso and her maiden as Ignazia Lo Re. On her death cert (the one I need) she is listed as Agnes Genduso.

So they won't approve it to send it to NJ because of the 2 name discrepanices. I understand their point; they don't match up, english vs. Italian names.
This is my last major doc. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

So I sent off an app directly to NJ, with 4 supporting docs that have indirect proof of the Giuseppe->Joseph and Ignazia->Agnes connections.

Does anyone have any ideas besides what I did?

Thanks in advance,

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