NYC jure sanguinis denial - please HELP!

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NYC jure sanguinis denial - please HELP!

Postby HudsonValley » Tue Sep 29, 2009 11:01 am

Guys, really need your help.
After waiting exactly for 3 months, got a denial letter from NYC consulate today.

We applied for jure sanguinis through GF, F, my spouse.

They said we need to provide them with corrections and/or clarifications of the following:

1. Naturalization Declaration
Birth date and name discrepancy.

I know that Nat Cert can not be amended, can anybody give me a link to a law or regulation stating that?

2. No record of GM birth certificate.

We gave them a letter from city clerk sayng no record found. They still want birth certificate.
What do I do, I can't produce something that wasn't found?

3. Last name discrepancy.
GF had last name as follows: Di Lastname
F had originally: D'Lastname, then apostrophe was lost and all following doc's were as follows: Dlastname.
Spouse's last name: Dlastname.

They want it corrected! Apostrophe or Di [space] Lastname in the spouse's last name is out question because it will create a nightmare with legal docs.
How do I go about that?

Please help!
Thank you in advance!
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