Another Misspelled Names Thread (Consulate: Detroit)

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Another Misspelled Names Thread (Consulate: Detroit)

Postby mynamehere » Tue Sep 29, 2009 7:32 pm

Sorry to bring up ANOTHER thread about name problems, but I have a couple concerns.

I'm applying GGF > GF > F

On my GGF birth certificate from italy, his last name is spelled Cargiolli (2 Ls). We haven't gotten marriage certificates or my GF birth certificate, so we don't know what it says on those, but at some point one of the Ls got dropped. So my entire family (and extended family) spell it Cargioli. Also, my GGF's name was Guisseppe, which he Anglicized to Joseph on occasion. Are these huge problems? As stated in the title - my family is applying through Detroit.

I was going to call and ask, but I'm afraid that it would be to easy for them to just say, "No! It must all be changed!"
Do you have to present all your documents in person? Or can you mail them and consult them over the phone?

Thanks for anything!
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