Certificate of Citizenship(Certificato di Cittadinanza) help

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Certificate of Citizenship(Certificato di Cittadinanza) help

Postby AngeloPeragine » Fri Oct 16, 2009 8:15 pm

I was reading a topic on another thread about the Certificate of Citizenship (Certificato di Cittadinanza) and that if you request this document from Italy they will not likely understand what you are asking for.I’m basically asking for help in an example or a way that I can clearly specify to the commune the specific document that I need. My Italian is very rusty. I already send out a request about 8 months ago for the Certificato di Cittadinanza, and haven’t received anything back.
Here is an excerpt from that topic:

[quote="terminus"][quote="JM"]The comune in Italy gave me one for each of my grandparents. I gave them the dates that my grandfather left Italy to come to the US and also my grandmother, which was two years later. The Certificate of Citizenship that I got from the anagrafe office gave my grandparents names, their date of birth, their parents names and said that as of such and such date, which was the day they left Italy to emigrate to the US, they were Italian citizens in good standing. It has the comunes stamp to make it official for the consulate.

It's not a difficult letter to get from Italy but you may have to be a bit more specific in case they aren't clear about what it is you are asking for.[/quote]

Very true. I made the mistake of calling it Certificato di Cittadinanza and got this back this morning:

[i]Sono spiacente questo non è possibile in quanto, anche se morti, sono emigrati all'estero e da allora non sappiamo se hanno mantenuto o meno la Cittadinanza Italiana, quindi dovresti individuare il Consolato Italiano all'Estero del Paese in cui hanno vissuto e farti fare un'attestato che non hanno mai rinunciato alla Cittadinanza Italiana. Comunque fammi sapere. Ripeto siccome non erano iscritti AIRE ( l'AIRE : Anagrafe Italiani Residenti all'Estero) è nato nel 1990 e quindi i
Comuni fino al 1990 non possono attestare la Cittadinanza degli Italiani Emigrati all'Estero. Pertanto adotta il mio Consiglio.[/i]

So I wrote him back asking for a letter saying that my great grandparent's were Italian citizens on the day they left the US. We'll see.

Does anyone have an example of the actual letter from the Comune that Miami has accepted that they could share?[/quote]
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