A short introduction

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A short introduction

Postby MrSpockSD » Fri Dec 25, 2009 11:03 am

Hi, folks. My name is Frank (or MrSpock, because of my ears and my dream). I have started programming in 1984 and I work as a software developer now. I am both an old-school programmer (started with Pascal) and a new one (a child of the Internet era HTML, PHP) at the same time. I have basically lost a decade in the programming world. Losing the nineties is not as bad as it seems; I skipped the Windows era ;-)

My dream in life is to develop affordable space travel and space tourism. As a result I also love collecting space related photos. One of own personal problems is that I tend to become an expert of a subject very quickly, so I have to keep changing subject often in order to stay sufficiently ignorant :-) This is why I am interested in many topics and many languages. Fortunately space travel has so far proven to be so complex that it will keep my attention for a long time :-)

I'm usually more of just a lurker on the net but I'll chime in when I feel I need to, looking forward to meeting everyone and being a part of the community! Well I won't bore you guys and girls any longer, see you all around!
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