Nunzio Benvenuto, Vincenzo Benvenuto and Ernestina Ghinnitt

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Nunzio Benvenuto, Vincenzo Benvenuto and Ernestina Ghinnitt

Postby debhagner » Wed Sep 22, 2010 11:46 am

I am helping a friend....

about my grandmother we do not have a picture of her. they came over in 1914 landed in quebec canada. my grandfather name is nuzio benvenuto you will find all three names my father also came over if you find my grandfather name you will see my grandmother and fathers name. we have pictures of my grandfathet and father but nothing on my grandmother ernesta ghinniti or some papers say ernestina ghittini but you will find my grandfather name along with my father and granmother they left from liverpool england and arrived in quebec canada in 1914 i have search all over to get a picture of my grandmother even went to italy 5 times all i got was there birth certificates and marriage license any help you can give me will be appreciated even my aunts and uncles do not know what she looked liked she died 12 yeard after coming here the kids were small please help us....

the passport was issued in Italy in Laqulia??

Arrived in Quebec in 1914.. They moved to Niagara Falls and then to Newark, NY
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Re: Nunzio Benvenuto, Vincenzo Benvenuto and Ernestina Ghinnitt

Postby Em » Fri Sep 24, 2010 3:15 pm

This forum is focused mostly on citizenship. Try thd genealogy board at It's a very helpful group.
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