Help with SF application process

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Help with SF application process

Postby sdop » Sun Jan 16, 2011 5:37 pm

My husband, brother-in-law, son and daughter are applying for citizenship by jure sanguinis through GF and GGF. I am in charge of the paper work and I have questions:
1. Who needs to file a 2A form? Do we need a 2A for my husband's father who is now deceased? Who signs it? and does it need to be notarized?
2. Regarding the 2B form: Is it just info for and about the individual applying? Or do you include the addresses and info for your Italian descendants and all the necessary generations before you? Does the address and phone# on the top of the page refer to where you lived at birth?
3. Are photocopies of the Italian Birth Cert. and US Naturalization papers okay? How do you Certify the Nat. docs?
4. Can I apply for citizenship by jure sanguinis at the same time as all these family members, since my husband and I were married before 1975? What forms do I use?
5. Can I send an email to the SF Consulate to apply by mail since we live in Montana and that is our designated consulate? Where and when do you state where you want your records registered in Italy?
6. Do you need to have a Passport before you apply for citizenship?
I would appreciate any advice and help. Right now I have all the documents and am waiting for translations. I need to have all the applicants work on their applications, 2A& 2B forms, then I guess I am ready to apply for an appointment or application by mail. Right???
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Re: Help with SF application process

Postby lje2 » Sat Jan 29, 2011 6:53 pm

Hi sdop...I live in Washington State, near Idaho, and I believe I can help you with your questions 3 through 6 (I have not yet familiarized myself with forms 2A or 2B) since my daughter and her husband's appointment in SF isn't until January of next year. It's taken me almost two years just to gather, certify and amend, where necessary, all the necessary certificates.
Q3. Generally speaking, photocopies of documents are not acceptable at any of the Consulates. All your documents, such as birth, death, marriage etc. must be officially certified by the city were the event took place and translated into Italian by someone on the Consulate General's recommended list of translators. The Certificate of Citizenship and the Application for Citizenship do not have to be translated. Also, the documents must have the city and the county listed on them. Documents that have the county only are not acceptable. If that's the case (as it was with one of our documents) then that document will have to be amended to include the city. Additionally, the name of your ancestor that you're claiming citizenship through must be spelled exactly the same from his Italian Birth Certificate to his Application for Naturalization, his Certificate of Citizenship, Marriage Certificate and children's birth certificates. Variations, nicknames and name changes are not acceptable. In addition, once you have all your local certified documents, they then need to be sent to the Secretary of State's office in the state where they were issued to have Apostille's attached to them. In other words, the state has to certify the city's certification. Any national documents. such as your ancestor's "original" Certificate of Citizenship and his Application for Citizenship (usually with a red-ribbon attached), has to have an additional certification from the U.S. Department of State in Washington, DC, (ours was signed by Hillary Rodham Clinton). Usually, his Application for Citizenship will include several pages, and once certified by the Dept. of State, it will have a non-removable brass grommet affixed through all he pages.
Q4. Any of your siblings or relatives who want to acquire Italian citizenship will have to apply separately and can use the same documents you provided.
Q5. To set up an appointment with the Italian Consulate General's office in SF you can email a request (the sooner the better) for a date (usually 2 years in advance). However, it is strongly recommended that you and your husband appear in person to present your documentation. To request a date, you must go through the Italian Consulate's website and click on the link for "CONSULAR SERVICES", then go to "CITIZENSHIP". Once there you'll see "HOW TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT" at the top. Click on that and it'll take you through the necessary steps. In my daughter's case, both she and her husband will receive their citizenship at the same time, as will their son since he's under the age of 18. As for where to register your citizenship in Italy, I believe that's up to you and your husband. You can pick anywhere you prefer. However, most people choose the city or town that their ancestor came from.
Q6. You and your husband don't need to have a passport, nor does everyone in your family have to apply at the same time. The Consulate General in SF will allow only one person, or two at the most, to be present in their office at the same time.
One last note....I would strongly recommend making at least two photocopies of everything for your own records.
I hope this helps. If you have any further questions, just get in touch and I'll try to help.
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Re: Help with SF application process

Postby sdop » Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:20 pm

Daniel: Thanks for the great info and tips. This is one of those occasions where you want everything to be just right or, as I understand, you go to the back of the line again. I appreciate your help, and I'll check back to see if you happen to think of anything else. Grazie! sdop
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