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Postby MaryGavila » Mon Apr 25, 2011 11:46 pm

I qualify for dual citizenship through my paternal grandfather and have collected all of the documents I need, except one: my father's birth certificate. I have a notice from both the State of New York and the City of Glen Cove that no record exists. The City of Glen Cove became a city on June 8 1917. Before that time all birth registrations were done by the Town of Oyster Bay but after that date, the responsibility was transferred to the newly created City of Glen Cove. My father was born at home, attended by a midwife on February 13, 1918. It has been hypothesized that because of the short time between the transfer of responsibility date and his birthdate, the midwife may have sent his birth registration to the wrong place and it was never acted on - so I've been told that his birth was never registered. I do have several records that show when he was born and who his parents were including: his baptismal certificate issued by the church, his school attendance record (showing birthdate only), his marriage license (certified showing date of birth and parents' names), his army separation record (showing his birthdate only), his social security application (certified and showing his date of birth and parents' names), his death certificate (certified and showing his date of birth and parents' names). I explained the missing birth certificate to the representative at the Italian consulate and she told me if I got a letter from US vital records stating when and where my father was born, it would satisfy their requirement. I wrote to US Vital Records and they told me they would not do it but to contact New York State Vital Records. I have e-mailed them but have not heard back yet. If they respond negatively to my request, do I have any other options? Any suggestions?
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