help, need to know what to do

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help, need to know what to do

Postby Anonymous » Thu Oct 13, 2005 2:19 am

Hi, I found out that I can qualify for Italian citizenship, i am in the middle of moving to italy in a couple of months anyway so this was a nice surpirse. I am just getting up and going. should I apply here while living in Italy? my mom will forward me any mail from them to tuscanny where I'll be. or should I get it all togehter, the package and apply in Italy?

My biggest question since i've rented a place to live already for a year and i can only stay 3 months with no visa (i'm american), how do i apply for residency when i arrive in italy? Is it something that is easy to get since i'll be in a school to learn italian, a private school; not a university. I'm taking italian for 6 months by then i'll be fluent and i'll just live there until i hear about my citizenship then i'll get a job. in the meantime, i think I need a residency permit to stay over 3 months, have i made a mistake paying for an aparmtnet for one year in tuscany without applying for residency in florence? do most get a residency permit just by applying? I'd prefer to file everytnhing for citizenship through my family in Italy so I'll be there anyway, I'd rather kill the waiting time there than here. i'm just wondering if i should get my citizenship packet together and drop it off in florence and apply for residency the same day, maybe they'll give me residency since they know i am applying for citizenship. i'm worried about not getting residency and having to leave after i've spent a ton on apartment and car shipping. can i apply for residency here in the us? i'm in AZ and have to use LA consulate which takes years i hear and since i'm going to italy anyway i might as well wait there for i don't want to put this off for years, i'm going now and will cross my fingers...any help would be great.

help, i need to know what to do

Postby laura » Sun Oct 23, 2005 1:01 pm

I too am in the process of getting residency near florence. i dont know how it works yet but i can let you know as i find out. you must have a permesso first.
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Postby Melinda » Sat Dec 17, 2005 3:30 pm

Yes, you must have a valid permesso di soggiorno before applying for residency. Please see my other response to "getting residency."

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Postby ejd » Wed Apr 05, 2006 3:52 pm

From what I've learned in other forums, once you get your Permesso di Soggiorno, you need to obtain a Permesso Di Soggiorno IN ATTESA DI CITTADINANZA (PENDING of admission to CITIZENSHIP) which allows you to stay while your citizenship is being processed. Information about it, how to apply for it, and what documents you need can be found at the link below: ... oc_cvt.htm
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