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Chicago Consulate

Postby trinakria1282 » Sun Jan 18, 2009 8:04 am

Ciao a tutti...

I'm looking someone with experience at the Consulate in Chicago. Anything would be helpful.

I have an appointment with them April 1. I live in Colorado, so it's actually quite difficult to get to Chicago for these appointments. So I would really love to be able to get this right the first time, although I'm not sure how probable that is.

I'm applying through my paternal great grandfather.

I believe I have all the necessary records...

1. Great grandfather's birth certificate (1887 in Italy)
2. Great grandmother's birth certificate (1890 in Italy)
3. Great grandparents' marriage license (1912 in Louisiana, USA)
4. Grandfather's birth certificate (1922 in Illinois, USA)*
5. Grandmother's birth certificate (1921 in Louisiana, USA)*
6. Grandparents' marriage license (1942 in Illinois, USA)*
7. Father's birth certificate (1948 in Illinois, USA)*
8. Mother's birth certificate (1950 in Illinois, USA)*
9. Parents' marriage license (1974 in Illinois, USA)*
10. My birth certificate (1985 in Colorado, USA)*
11. Parents' divorce decree (1986 in Colorado, USA)*
12. Step-mother's birth certificate (1960 in Colorado, USA)*
13. Father and step-mother's marriage license (1990 in Colorado, USA)*
14. Great grandfather's naturalization papers (1934 in Illinois, USA)
15. Great grandfather's death certificate (1975 in Illinois, USA)
16. Great grandmother's death certificate (1964 in Illinois, USA)

I also have, in the hopes that my sister will be able to apply alongside of me,

17. My sister's birth certificate (1981 in Colorado, USA)*
18. My brother-in-law's birth certificate (1978 in Illinois, USA)*
19. My sister and brother-in-law's marriage license (2003 in Illinois, USA)*

First of all, is it possible for my sister to apply at the same time and alongside of me, using the same documents for our ancestors? Second, I would also like for my father and grandfather to apply, along with their spouses if possible, at the same time. But I'm curious how this affects the process. For example, would the records belonging to the women then also need to be translated, even though for me to apply they don't?

Second of all, I'd like to mention that I've acquired the Apostille for all the above documents followed by an asterisk. The only ones missing are the two from Louisiana (3 & 5). Also, many of them have been translated into Italian and several are going to be translated soon.

My most important question, is about the spelling errors. It's a two part question.

The first part is in reference to the spelling errors in the paternal names. The original spelling of my surname and the one on document (1) is SCALISI. On document (4), my grandfather's birth certificate, it is erroneously spelled SCALECI. This is an aborration. On all subsequent documents, from document (6) down, the spelling is SCALISE.

The company I'm working with has advised me to legally amend the spelling on document (4) from SCALECI to SCALISE, as it appears on all the rest of my grandfather's documents (marriage license, children's birth certificates, etc.). I'm fine with doing this, but someone in this forum actually advised against it, saying that they had done the same thing and the Consulate actually asked them to change it back. I can imagine what kind of a timely process that must have been, since they want 8 months to amend it in the first place. So I'm curious if anyone has an opinion about this, specifically in regards to the Chicago Consulate but in general as well.

Also, if I correctly understand the company I'm working with, they're advising me to fill out an affidavit for the Italian record. So with the affidavit and the possible amendment, all paternal surname discrepancies would be taken care of. But apparently the discretion always remains with the Consulate, so I'm again curious to know about Chicago's procedures.

I also must mention, although it seems of less importance, that on document (4), my grandfather's birth certificate, his first name is spelled CARLO and on all subsequent documents it is only CARL. Does this sound like a complication?

The second part is in reference to the maternal names. On document (2), my great grandmother's birth certificate, her name is spelled ROSALIA ABBATE. On various documents, including (3), (4), (14) and (16), the spelling oscillates between ROSA/ROSE and ABATTE/ABATE and possibly ABETE. I would like to know if these spelling discrepancies are important, or at least enough to cause some sort of problem. And if they are a problem, how might they be addressed?

I think that's all I have. I would greatly appreciate any help. This Italian citizenship is extremely important to me, from a purely historical stance and also a practical one, because I love Italy and plan to live and work there someday. So any help towards accomplishing this goal would be appreciated.

Mille grazie in anticipo!

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