...Situation with Philly

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...Situation with Philly

Postby vicentex3 » Thu Mar 26, 2009 9:51 am

Hello all,

So I applied for citizenship through Philly November 16, 2008 and she said my application for sure would be finnished by the beginning of March 2009. The other day I was wondering about it, because I didn't hear anything and I need the passport in hand since I will be finnishing my university studies in France, thus eliminating getting a visa.

Basically, Lia said she was still waiting for documents from Boston, that she said she had sent back in November. And that she would give them a call, to see what happened. So I got worried and called Boston my self, and the lady told me that they had sent the documents in February to Philly, and that they had forgotten to send 2 of the documents. So she asked for my address so she could send the documents to me, so that I could send to Philly??? :? Anyhow, I called Lia again and told her that I had spoken to Boston and explained what happened, and she said .. "I know, I didn't want to make you mad or something so I didn't give you full detail." --understandable.

So she went on to say my application was ready and that I should be expecting the letter of recognition very soon in April! YAY! :D

So my question is, once I get the letter from Philly...Does that mean I can get my passport? And if that's the case, how long does it take to recieve. Don't I have to wait for my documents to be registered in my comune?

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Re: ...Situation with Philly

Postby Nicola » Thu Mar 26, 2009 12:09 pm

Once the consulate agrees you're Italian you can get a passport in two weeks. Quicker if it's an emergency. Pay the fee. Hand in the photos with the filled out form. The commune claims they never received my paperwork :roll: didn't stop anybody from giving me a passport.
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Re: ...Situation with Philly

Postby CJC » Thu Mar 26, 2009 4:39 pm

Not so fast Nicola... I went through Philly, got the letter in July 2008, and then the comune came back with "we received the documents but why do we have to record them?" That held up my passport until the consulate cleared the situation and it took a month+ to do that. I spent a great deal of money to travel back to Philadelphia to apply for my passport in early August 2008 and was met with this road block. This was an unusual case though, and I think I'm the only one coming in here that had that happen to them. I ultimately received my passport in September 2008.

Vincentex3, once you get the letter stating your Italian citizenship is recognized, you can apply for the passport. If it is like mine, you're going to get a letter with a nice "flowery" return address in the corner from the Philadelphia consulate and inside will be: 1. Your letter stating you are a citizen (in Italian), and 2. your completed AIRE registration. It will have the blue consular rubber stamps on it, etc.

I spoke about my experience in this thread where I provided an English translation of what the letter said:

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Re: ...Situation with Philly

Postby zagnut » Thu Mar 26, 2009 5:15 pm

Yes, each consulate does things differently.
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