Sibling/Neice applications after my recognition?

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Sibling/Neice applications after my recognition?

Postby magendim » Sun Dec 06, 2009 3:57 am

FYI, I'm cross posting this on a couple of the forums to see if someone has experience with this particular situation...

Anyway, so now that my sister and I have received our letters from the SF consulate, my other sister and her adult daughter are interested in applying as well. My sister is in the Newark jurisdiction and my niece is in NYC. I've seen some posts where it says they just need to provide copies of one of our letters and their appropriate documents.

I assume this means their birth and marriage records with the appropriate translations and apostiles and in the case of my niece, her mothers marriage and birth record as well. My sisters birth record would have our mothers name on it of course, but, how does the consulate make the ascendant connection? Does the other consulate contact the SF consulate, commune or ? Can one of our recognition letters be a copy or must it be an original?

FYI, the citizenship line was through my mother and maternal grandfather; my mother never applied for citizenship and has also recently passed away.

Can someone who has gone this route outline exactly what documents they need for their applications?

Do they give any preferential treatment as far as appointment time to siblings of Italian citizens?

It's still sinking in that I just became recognized myself.... :D

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