Appointment in NYC September 10

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Appointment in NYC September 10

Postby auctionmaven » Wed May 26, 2010 6:46 pm

Well my appointment is coming up; and it sounded so far away when I made it! :D

My father was born in Catania in 1929. My mother was born in Chicago in 1929 of a father who had been born in Alimena in 1890.

In 1950 my mother went to Italy to see the place where her father was born. She met my father, fell in love and stayed there and married him 1 month later. A month or two after that, my father went into the Italian army and my mother returned to the US alone. After his tour of duty in the Army in Italy, he came to the US in 1952 and I was born at the end of 1953. Not long afterward, he was drafted into the American army and spent 2 years there. In February 1955, while in the Army and stationed on Staten Island, he became a citizen.

That's it, as far back as it goes. I have all the certificates/apostilles/translations I need save for his birth certificate and my parents marriage certificate, which I have been trying to get for a long time, but I'm told they will be here soon.

New York is supposed to be difficult, but does it seem as though this will be any type of problem? I've really jumped through hoops; in the case of the Petition/etc. for naturalization, once I got it, red ribbon and gold stamp and all, I went downtown and got notarization at 60 Centre Street and the other part at 123 William Street, just did it myself because I was tired of waiting for things through the mail. What do you think?
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