Cose molte fastidiose!

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Cose molte fastidiose!

Postby LAD » Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:44 pm

I am in Italy at the moment and have my certificate of citizenship but not my passport. Miami told me that I can apply for it here in Italy (so i can give my fingerprints like the new law dictates). They told me that I have to go to the questura, apply, and the questura will request a nulla osta from Miami. When i went to the questura they said that I needed to have my papers from the municipio in my comune. This does conflict what miami told me, but i thought it best to just go to the municipio and get them. When I went there, my papers werent there. I received my certificate the 6th of May. My mothers' are there and on the paper it says it took 15 days to arrive. Where are mine!?!?!?!? Does anyone know the law well enough to tell me if i actually truly need the papers from the municipio in my comune to apply for the passport, or if it is just a norm that the questura is used to following and that Miami is actually right in saying that they should just send the nulla osta?

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