Melbourne Consulate/applying in Italy

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Melbourne Consulate/applying in Italy

Postby melbgal1 » Thu Jan 06, 2011 8:17 am

I have had many difficulties with the Melbourne Consulate but have overcome them all (yippee!!). After 3 long years, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but this latest - and last - stumbling block is just making me crazy! The last time I went to the consulate, the staffer said everything was in order bar one needed amendment. This was done and then I returned. Upon my return and seen by another person, I was told my passport *may* need to be replaced. My birth certificate says I was born in 'Fitzroy' while my passport says 'Melbourne'. For those of you who don't know Melbourne, this is a trivial matter so much so the Australian passport office put 'Melbourne' rather than 'Fitzory'. The hospital I was born in is located in a Melbourne CBD street, but given the street borders, the hospital's location on the street is considered the start of an inner city suburb 'Fitzroy'. I really don't want to replace my passport given that I have two active visas which is costly and a pain to get transferred to a new (and unnecessary) passport. Has anyone dealt with a situation like this in Melbourne? I have many US/UK/AUS friends who have applied successfully to get their Italian passport and I have yet to encounter a more difficult consulate - Melb seems notorious. Would taking my documents to my mother's hometown in Italy and applying there work? I am headed there in the summer and I am very tempted to see if I will be more successful there......
Thanks for your thoughts!
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