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Postby SeanJ » Mon Nov 14, 2011 12:09 pm

First, I would like to say thank you to all the posters. This board helped me tremendously. Now my story. I am in Atlanta, so I fall under the Miami consulate. I have just recently been notified that I have been recognized as an Italian Citizen (yeahhhhhh). The journey started 2 years ago, as I had to provide evidence going back to my great-grandfather (grandfather, mother, me). I did have a few issues pop up and I was in constant e-mail communication with the Consulate. I will say, while the staff adhere to their posted rules, they are very friendly and helpful. I had several misspelled names, and I had an incorrect date on one marriage certificate. In addition, my great grandfather used the name of his province on his naturalization papers, instead of the village he was born....and only the individual named on the naturalization papers can request amendments..and grandpa has been dead for a long time. To overcome this, I decided to obtain a letter from the incorrectly stated comune and ask if they had a record of my grandfather being born there. They did not. I was able to then show this document so to counter any potential argument that there were actually two people with the same name born in the same region. This helped tremendously and the error was accepted. They were more interested in the Italian line of my ancestors, though the did look through all the documents required as outlined on the Consulate WebSite. There was one hang up...and I do not suspect most people encounter this...but when I was a minor, I lived in the the Italian Consulate wanted me to get an official document from the Netherlands indicating that I was not a Dutch citizen...but because the members in the Conculate in Miami did not speak dutch, I had to have the document approved by the Italian Consulate in Amsterdam.....what a mess.....this added almost three months to the completion. Im happy to say that during the week of Thanksgiving me and my family will be traveling to Miami to get our passports... (my four minor children were automatically recognized as citizens too)....It was a long journey, but rewarding. I am no expert, but if any one has any questions I will do my best to answer them. Good luck.
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