Cemetry in Naples (Napoli)


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Cemetry in Naples (Napoli)

Postby dvitiello » Sun Oct 21, 2007 5:30 pm

I know that my Grandfather (Antonio Vitiello), who passed away in 1985, is buried in Naples.

I know that it is (according to my grandmother - still alive) the biggest cemetery in Naples. I also know that it is a kind of underground cemetery, where the body's are put into draws. I also know that many other members of my family are buried in that cemetery.

Apparently it is a Carlo Vitiello, who owns the cemetery.

Although, it is tradition in my family, that the oldest Son always takes their Grandfather's first name. Hence, my uncle (resident in the UK) is named Carlo, and my rightful name is Antonio.

I have tried to locate it (or at least find the name) on the internet, over the years, however, I have had no luck.

Does anyone know, or think they know, the name of the cemetery?

Is there any website for the cemetery, or any online database of persons buried there?

Also, if I was to go to Naples, how easy would it be to find?
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Postby barbalatte » Mon Jun 23, 2008 10:43 pm

"Cimitero Pianto" at Pogeriale or Capo Di Chino.
Try that and see how you go...
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