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Re: Success in Finding Location, probably

Postby Bryan Teehan » Sun Dec 27, 2009 10:45 am

If you have family that are masons or stone workers in Vermont they are probably near Barre VT. Im originally from NJ, now living in VT so I get bored easily , so took a ride one day to Barre. Having no idea what an incredible Italian history that city has. There is a beautiful (yes beautiful) cemetery on a hill overlooking Barre with 80-90% of it Italian names with incredible granite and marble tombstones. Some of them are cut into shapes like soccer balls, race cars, mini Italian sculptures, statues etc. Absolutely amazing and a tribute to our heritage. Cant think of the name of it, but will post it when I do. Italians came to Barre because of the granite industry many many years ago and yes a lot of descendants stayed in the area.
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