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Postby Maria » Sat Jun 10, 2006 12:57 pm

When in Italy, it's enough to go to Sunday Mass to see who the really devout Catholics are: the older generation. There are entire families in attendance but the majority is elderly and particularly women. This, I think, is a reflection of the population reality in Italy.

In my Italian family, women attend mass every Sunday with their young children mostly because they are in preparation for first communion or confirmation. As they get older none of them attend mass on a regular basis. The husbands attend mass on those special occasions and also on weddings, baptisms, Christmas, and Easter. Crucifixes, an image of St. Joseph or Padre Pio are found in my relative's homes but that’s mostly symbolic. Of course, these are my very personal general observations based on visiting my relatives in Palermo every year since 1999.
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