Living in Italy 3 years to acquire Italian citizenship


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Living in Italy 3 years to acquire Italian citizenship

Postby reederg » Sat Jan 30, 2010 4:15 pm

Hello all,
I have Italian grandparents and want dual Italian citizenship for myself and my family. I think my grandfather may have naturalized in the US after coming here, but am nevertheless requesting the records to be certain of whether or not I qualify for Jure Sanguinis.

If I find I don't qualify for Jure Sanguinis and need to go to Italy and live for 3 years to acquire citizenship, which I am willing to do, I have some questions:

Do spouse, children need to live there for 3 years with me, or can I live there by myself, acquire the citizenship and then they are thus automatically citizens because I am?

If I go over there to live (I am thinking amout Milan) do I need to declare this intention beforehand and get some sort of visa from the US Italian consulate here before I go to live in Italy? If I do get a visa, can I get work authorization later when living in Italy if I get a job offer?

If I move to Italy for 3 years, must my stay in Italy be continuous for the entire 3 years, or can I break it up with some visits to the US? I also intend to travel in Europe while living in Italy and assume this would not be a problem, as long as I have an apartment in Milan...

Thanks in advance for any answers/suggestions!
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