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Postby Penski » Fri Apr 27, 2007 1:50 am

Ok, so I have a question; it may have been asked before but i might as well ask away.

Currently I am in the process of organising my trip to Europe First up i am spending a month in Italy as part of a Cultre trip organised by the Aus and Italian governments, as part of that trip I am givng a year round plane ticket to use, I plan to make use of it, do a little bit of backpacking and then head off to England to work.

However, When I found it it was going to cost me almost 600 AUD to get a Englsih working VISA it had me questioning myself and wondering if there was a way around this. This lead me to wondering if i am able to gain a working Visa from Italy to use. It may sound stupid, but hey, you wont find out the answer unless you ask.

So basically i am asking is it at all possbile to gain a working visa to use in Europe from the Italian Consulate?
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