Born before 1948.


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Born before 1948.

Postby mendocina » Sun Oct 18, 2009 10:40 pm

Hello. My dad was born before 1948 in Argentina. My grandmother was born in Argentina, my great grandfather was an Italian citizen. I know that my dad can not get the Italian citizenship because he was born before 1948. But I know there is some cases of people getting the Italian citizenship even though they were born before 1948.
This is an example:
Tribunale di Torino, sentenza 12 aprile 1999 - Deve essere considerato cittadino italiano colui che è nato da madre italiana anteriormente al 1° gennaio 1948.

One more:
Section 1 sentence 10.07.1996 n 6297.

Anyone can help me??????? I need more info.....
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