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Name change...

Postby glongo » Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:14 pm

I have just finished gathering all of my documentation and am counting down the days until my October 22 appointment with the LA Consulate. I have sort of an unusual question which I haven't come across on the boards yet (if i have missed it- sorry!)

My legal first name is Gabrielle but whenever I am in Italy I go by Gabriella and would like my Italian passport (hoping everything comes through alright!) to have the Italian version of my name. I've had a kind of love-hate relationship with it...I ALWAYS get asked in Italy why I have a guy's name (in fact, while I was living in Naples I was stopped at security in the airport because I am obviously a girl but "your ticket has a guy's name on it"!! This makes for funny stories but I'm sick of explaining it, and much prefer the Italian version anyway. Does anyone have any idea how exactly I go about making this legal? Can I just get some sort of affidavit proving saying that I am the same person or would I have to legally change my name in America (which I am not that interested in doing...)? I know that many Italians have their anglicanized names recorded in America...any idea how this goes in the reverse?

Thanks for any information you can offer!
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Re: Name change...

Postby zoza » Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:47 pm

Hi Gabrielle/a,
If you can prove that the name was mispelled/a mistake (rather than that you are trying to change it) you can have your birth certificate ammended. If you contact your state's Registry of Vital Records, they should be able to tell you what documentation they require to ammend a mispelling in your name on your birth certificate. Some states accept baptismal certificates, census records, verification of school enrollment, etc. as proof of name. Once you know which documents your state allows, you can proceed in trying to obtain one with your name in Italian.
Good Luck!
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