Name discrepancies and translating from Italian to English

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Name discrepancies and translating from Italian to English

Postby JM » Thu May 22, 2008 9:10 am

I am applying in Miami. When I **** started gathering my documents in 2006 there was a woman at the consulate there who was very flexible on things. My grandfather's death certificate had the wrong **** name of his father listed on it. On my mom's marriage license, my grandmother's maiden name was spelled wrong with missing letters and wrong letters. The woman at the consulate returned a phone call to me saying that if I had supporting documents to substantiate the correct names and the bloodline, I didn't need to correct them.

I got an email from the new person in Miami after I explained that I never had the documents corrected because the other woman that was there said I didn't need to. The new woman, I think her name is Virginia, said they are no longer as flexible about those things and I need to have it corrected. My appointment is in July and the errors are in NYC documents. Anyone who has had to go through NYC knows it is a back and forth process to get the Apostilles.

I have the applications for the changes to be made, I need to have my Mom sign and have it notarized. She is visiting family out west until end of next week. Then, once they make the changes, I need to reapply for certified documents, once I get that, I need to have signatures certified, then once I get that back, I need to apply for Apostille. Then, I can have them translated into Italian. All before my July appointment in Miami, no pressure there.

All the documents I have to prove the mispellings are in Italian. (My grandparents were born and married in Italy). So, I now have to translate 5 documents from Italian to English and have it done and certified by a professional translator. I'm having that done now and will start on the race the clock process to get these changes made.

So close yet so far...
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