What do you think I should do here ...

Gather certified copies and apostilles.

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What do you think I should do here ...

Postby JM » Sat May 24, 2008 3:42 pm

Hi all, I have my appointment in 9 weeks in Miami.
I am applying as me-my mom-my grandfather.

When I first gathered my documents I called Ilaria and went over the name descrepencies with her. My grandfathers name being americanized, and his last name kept the pronunciation and changed the spelling, Rocchi to Roccki. Since there is no 'K' in the Italian alphabet and the rest of the documents had dates and info to proove this was the same person, she said no problem with that. I'm still hoping that is the same, I forgot to ask Virginia, who is now at the consulate.

On my GFs death certificate from NYC, it list's his father, my GGF, first name as John instead of Tommaso. Ilaria didn't have a problem with this, Virginia would not say specifically but leaned toward saying it needed to be corrected. I only have one apostilled copy of his death certificate. I would have to do all the amending by mail. If I mail it in now, it will take about the full 9 weeks to get it corrected, exemplifed, notarized, apostilled and translated. If I go to Miami without it, I won't have any documents about myGF's death certicate. (Even a wrong one that might possibly be allowed to slide is better than none at all).

I have a similar problem with my mom's marriage certificate. It has her mother's maiden name as Pelchia when in fact it is Pelliccia. My mom never really knew how to spell her mother's name, as my GM died when my mom was young and her siblings kept her in the dark on most of the family matters. So my mom spelled it as best she could remember. Again, Ilaria didn't have a problem with that because my GM's name was correct on my mom's birth cert, as well as other documents. Virgina, in Miami now again wouldn't commit but suggested that this also be corrected.

I will be mailing the requests for amendments out on Tuesday. I say that CPA21 posted on May 18th about NYC documents that he had gone in person to amend on May 1st. So, I see that it could easily take 4 -5 weeks just to get the documents amended. Then it is a back and forth to the city clerks office the long form certified copy, then back again to the clerk's office for notarizaion, and then to the Dept of State of apostille. In the meantime, I can have the amended certificate translated.

Does anyone who had gone through the NYC back and forth by mail know if it is likely that I will get the apostilled documents back in 9 weeks?

I'm torn between not changing anything and going to Miami with the proper documents, even though the information is not corrected and
sending off my only certified copies, which are the only thing they will accept by mail, no exceptions, and hoping I get something back before my appointment.

I guess as a third choice I can apply now for certified exemplifed apostilled copies of my incorrect documents. Then, if I don't get the amended ones back in time I'll still have official documents for my appointment. It just seems like a waste of money to send away for apostilled marriage and death certificates that are incorrect and I will have to pay again for once they get amended.

Anyone have any suggestions?
CPA21 have you gotten the documents that were being sent to you yet?
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