What documents can I request from Comune? What happens next?


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What documents can I request from Comune? What happens next?

Postby hvlmom » Sun Aug 09, 2009 8:22 pm

I have received information verbally that my daughter's documents (don't really know which ones were sent from Consulate in LA) were registered (don't know what this means really either) at my Comune in Italy. Yay! I would like to know exactly though what does this mean - anyone explain?

Will/how will the Comune communicate with the LA Consulate? And how soon can I expect the Comune to communicate with the Consulate? Is there any certification of the registration of my daughter's documents that I have only heard has happened (specifically, is my daughter's American birth now registered in Italy and can I request an estratto di nascita for her to prove her new status?) I ought to request that might expedite the process (as I have heard things can slow down at this point).

Does anyone know what I might ask the Comune to send me to prove to the Consulate what I have been told has, in fact, happened? I am particularly interested in knowing if she might request an estratto di nascita.

Also if anyone can tell me what their process looked like from this point (documents registered in Comune, now what) and how long the next steps took, I would be grateful.
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