Not sure if I qualify...

Are you eligible for Italian Citizenship jure sanguinis?

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Not sure if I qualify...

Postby kyitalian79 » Tue Jan 11, 2011 2:49 pm

Hey all, not sure if I qualify for jure sanguinis, so before I started spending the money I figured I would ask. Here is my family history:

Entire family before me born in Italy, but for simplicity sake, we will start with grandparents...

Paternal Grandfather born in Cerrato Sanita Italy (~1916)
Paternal Grandmother born in Cerrato Sanita Italy (~1922) (I don't have dates on me, they are approximate)
Married in 1945 in Italy
Lived entire lives in Italy as Italian Citizens, passed in the early 2000's. Did visit for a short period on a visa in the 70s, but never became US citizens.

Maternal Grandfather born in Comiso Sicily in 1915
Maternal Grandmother born near Comiso Sicily in 1922
Married in mid 1940's
Moved to America in late 1950's, came through Port of New York and eventually became American Citizens

Father was born in Cerrato Sanita Italy in 1945
Moved to American in the early 1960's - became an American Citizen

Mother was born in Comiso Sicily in 1946
Moved to America in the late 1950's - became an American Citizen

Father/Mother Married in 1969 in United States - had me some time later :)

So, my whole family was born in Italy, but did become American citizens eventually, with the exception of my paternal grandparents who remained in Italy. Will I qualify, or will the fact that my parents lost their Italian citizenship and became Americans in the 50s/60s exclude me?

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Re: Not sure if I qualify...

Postby Em » Wed Jan 12, 2011 6:16 pm

Both your mother and father naturalized to become American citizens. If they did so before your birth, they could not pass citizenship to you. If either one naturalized AFTER your birth, you qualify jure sanguinis.

If you cannot qualify because of naturalization dates, you are still eligible for expedited citizenship. This means that you can become an Italian citizen by legally residing in Italy for three years; the normal wait time is ten years.
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