Certificate of Naturalization

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Certificate of Naturalization

Postby natemic » Thu Feb 17, 2011 10:10 am

Hey all!

I have my appointment in Miami coming up very soon (yay...well, kinda). I'm going over my current collection of documents and come to find that I only have the NARA red ribbon documents that include the Petition, Oath, and Declaration of Intention, but do not have the USCIS "official" documents. When I started this whole process, way back when, I don't remember any requirement on Miami's website stating that you needed the USCIS documents, but upon further review it seems there's quite a bit of new information and requirements. The exact text is below.

Essentially, my question is, has anyone had experience with Miami and what they require? Further, what is the general practice with applications missing documentation, etc.? For example, if I come to find that I need the USCIS copy (which I'm requesting now but won't be here in time) or something else is incorrect (ie. translations, etc.) will I be required to make another application more than a year from now, or will I be able to mail/deliver the missing elements of the application and continue the process?

As you all know, the process is extremely time consuming, costly, and rather confusing. I'd hate for all the work and effort to, at this point, be thrown out over a discrepancy or single document. Other than that, it seems I have all the necessary documents (although there are some discrepancies, however Virginia said it would likely be fine), and everything in order.

Anyway, input, assurances, warnings, or concerns would all be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

"a) Official statement (in original, not photocopy, and with the Office Seal) from the US Immigration and Naturalization Services in Washington D.C. (425 I Street NW, 2nd Floor - ULLICO Bldg, Washington, D.C. 20536) and from the Court County in which he resided, stating the number of the Certificate of Naturalization and the date of his naturalization. The statement must show your father's full name (and any other names he went by on any official documents), place of birth and date of birth, date of the naturalization, certificate number. If he never became a US citizen, you must show his Italian passport and Alien Registration Card.

b) IF THE RESEARCH SHOWS NO RECORD: you are requested to double check with the National Archives (www.nara.gov) requesting a full search under his name and nicknames, possible dates of birth which he may have declared in the course of his life. If the record is found, you will obtain from the National Archives a certified copy of his "petition for naturalization" and "oath of allegiance" (Please note: we may at any time request that you present documentation from the National Archives - in case of discrepancies - to confirm the identity reported on the certificate of naturalization)."
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Re: Certificate of Naturalization

Postby natemic » Thu Feb 17, 2011 4:20 pm

Well, I talked to Virginia today and answered my own question. Apparently, NARA documents are in fact suitable, and all that matters is that the whole document is contained and certified with the information.

What's more, as far as the Italian birth certificate, I was told that it did not have to be in a specific format (ie. "formato internazionale") as long as it contained the full information regarding the individual and his/her parents. Mine, which is "in carta libera" was suitable.

She also said that while it's a problem if multiple documents are missing or incomplete, if one document is missing or there are minor issues, the appointment can still be completed with the small gaps being filled as soon as possible.

Anyway, just in case you wanted to know!
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