First time to the site -- asking for thoughts

Determine if an ancestor was ever naturalized and, if so, discuss your consulate's requirements for proving this.

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First time to the site -- asking for thoughts

Postby Al » Tue Jun 05, 2007 11:11 am

Hi. I am new to the website and am gathering my documents for dual citizenship. I live in Houston. I am about to send off for all the necessary certified and then the relevant apostilles for the documents to the various government and state agencies as well as have already sent for my grandfather's birth certificate in Italy. I am told he never naturalized. He arrived somewhere between 1903 and 1907. The Houston Italian consulate wants "No records found" letter from both NARA and USCIS. In talking to them over the phone, it doesn't sound like they want to search if I am fairly certain he never naturalized.

I would appreciate any information on the following issues:

1. Who I write to and how I get these records?
2. Does it take a long time as I have read in these postings?
3. Anyone with Houston consulate experience?
4. Also, the G-639 form seems to request an Alien REgistration number as well as petition or claim receipt number... What is that for? I don't have either.
5. Finally, I guess I will have to wait for the birth certificate from Italy to get the exact name to submit. I know he changed his first name from Raffaelo (not sure of spelling) to Ralph.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts,
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Postby teggiano77 » Tue Jun 05, 2007 8:28 pm

Dear Al,

First of all, USINS does not have records prior to 1906. For that you have to have the National Archives check. That's all I can help you with. I dont know where at USINS you must contact for records from 1906 on.

Good luck!
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Thanks for your response.

Postby Al » Wed Jun 06, 2007 10:23 am


Thank you very much for your response and I appreciate the well wishes.

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Postby jcallori » Wed Jun 06, 2007 11:24 am

Why don't you initially work off the assumption that he did naturalize?

It's easier to prove something happened than it didn't happen.
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Postby Em » Wed Jun 06, 2007 11:26 am

Al, if your grandfather never naturalized, you will need to file that G-639 form. They should be able to do a search for you without the Alien Registration number, but it will simplify things, and possibly speed up the process, if you can supply that information. If your grandfather never naturalized, you will probably not find a Petition number; this is only helpful to them in finding an actual Certificate of Naturalization.

You may be able to find some information that may be helpful (census records, alien registration number, social security number, death certificate information, etc.) at

A trial membership will give you access to their files, but if you need more than two weeks, you will need to pay a small fee. Another source of information is the forum at The good people there are proficient at finding information for those who ask for help.

From what others have posted, it seems the Houston consulate is particularly efficient.

Best of luck.
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Thanks, Em.

Postby Al » Wed Jun 06, 2007 11:43 am


thanks for your insight. I appreciate the response and sources of information. Someone told me that If I write directly to USCIS in Washington and not filled out the G-639 form to send to Missouri, I could save time. I don't know whether this is true. If anyone has thoughts on this, I would like to know.

Thanks again,
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