Applying in Washington, DC

Gather certified copies and apostilles.

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Applying in Washington, DC

Postby ersk19 » Wed Apr 22, 2009 12:31 pm

Hello - I have begun the process of gathering my documents and have a few questions.

I am applying through my GGF (born in Italy), GM (born in US before GGF naturalized), M (born after 1948). After consulting with the embassy in DC, my understanding is that I only need to gather documents for my direct Italian line, and so not for my father, grandfather, or GGM. I recently wrote to my GGF's Comune (Salerno) to request his birth certificate (I asked for my GGM's as well, just in case I am asked for it). I then saw on some of the posts on this forum that some people also requested a letter of citizenship from the Comune. Is this still required? Has anyone that applied in DC been asked for this? Has anyone had experience with the responsiveness of the Comune di Salerno?

My mother and brother are also interested in applying for citizenship, but they live in the Boston and New York consular jurisdictions, respectively. Do we all have to apply separately and gather three sets of all the documents? Or could I apply in DC with the documents I am gathering and then have DC transmit the information to the other consulates (would they do this)? If anyone has had experience with this type of situation, I would love to hear about it. Since I would be obtaining my citizenship through my mother, I understand her citizenship will be recognized as part of my application - but I get the sense that this alone will not enable her to go and apply for a passport, correct?

Thanks everyone!
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Re: Applying in Washington, DC

Postby Em » Wed Apr 22, 2009 12:48 pm

I can't answer all of your questions, since I applied in NY. Since you and your brothers all live in different consular jurisdictions, each of you will need to apply separately. When I was in NY, I was told that if my son applied (in NY), once his citizenship was accepted, I could apply in Newark, and NY would send my son's documents to them. If, however, I wished to apply at the same time, I would have to submit a complete set of documents--a more costly proposition. Perhaps it would be wise to determine which consulate has the shortest wait time, and then ask that consulate if they would do what NY said it would do for me. My guess is that Washington or Boston would be your best bets, but you will probably get responses from people who have actually applied at those consulates.

Not all consulates ask for the Letter of Citizenship. New York and Newark did not.

Your mother's citizenship will not be recognized unless she applies. The consulate will determine that she is eligible for recognition, which makes you and your brothers eligible, but that is as far as it goes. If she would like her citizenship recognized as well, she should also apply.
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Re: Applying in Washington, DC

Postby slbarrus » Wed Sep 30, 2009 9:22 am

Ersk19 -- I too am about to apply to the Embassy in DC. On another Message Board I saw that you stated that you were disappointed with what the Embassy had to say. Now I'm am concerned. Last Friday, I sent an eMail and left a voice mail inquiring as to whether I needed an appointment and asked if there was visitors parking. As of today I have not received any email or call back.

As with you my Mother is not applying for citizenship -- she figures why when she is 80 years old. If this is a new requirement I may never get my citizenship. I did use the form 3 from another consulate and had my mother certify that she has never renounced Italian citizenship be any Italian authority. Hopefully that will cover this aspect.

Also, it was my understanding from other message boards that the Italian Government mandated that the Embassy and consulates speed up the citizenship process. So, waiting years does not sound like they are speeding the process.

Is there any encouragement on the process.
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Re: Applying in Washington, DC

Postby slbarrus » Sat Apr 16, 2011 2:05 pm

Well, I am officially and italian citizen. I also have my italian passport.
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