Canadian Birth Certificate - Non-Italian Side

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Canadian Birth Certificate - Non-Italian Side

Postby ppelizzari » Tue Jan 04, 2011 2:33 pm


I am applying through my paternal great grandfather with the Chicago Italian Consulate. I have received all the necessary documents, apostilles, and translations except one - my paternal grandmother (who is NOT on the Italian side) was born in Canada. I have the official and original certificate, and I know that apostilles are not available in Canada, but there is a statement on the Chicago consulate's site that says the following:

"Documents issued in Countries other than the U.S.A. or Italy must comply with the local regulations on the legalization of documents, they must be translated into Italian and the translation certified by the Italian Consulate/Embassy in the Country where the document was issued. To find out how a document should be legalized in its Country of origin you must obtain the information in the website of the competent Italian Consulate/Embassy."

Does anyone know how to go about getting 'legalized' and getting a translation 'certified?' Any assistance would be much appreciated - I am so close to the end of the process, but this is quite a roadblock! The birth certificate is from Alberta, if that is relevant.

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