Jure Sanguinis: Step-by-step

Step 1. Do You Qualify?

Before you can apply for Italian citizenship, you must confirm that you qualify. Having an ancestor from Italy is not always enough, other requirements must be met. Using our simple form, you can easily determine if you are eligible. Find Out if You Qualify.

Step 2. Make a Checklist of Documents

The next step is to determine which documents you will need to gather. For your convenience, we have provided a checklist of documents that you can download and print. Once you've printed this, go to the Qualifying page and click on the category under which you qualify for Italian citizenship. Check off all the certificates you will need, making special note of those that must be affixed with an apostille and translated into Italian.

Step 3. Request Certificates from Italy

To complete this step, you will need specific details about each certificate that you will be requesting. Using the information you provide, ICGS will prepare a written request on your behalf and mail it to the appropriate Italian city's official archives. If the certificate can be found, we will obtain it, and mail the document to you. Request a Certificate from Italy.

Step 4: Obtaining Certificates from Your State or Province

By now, you should have determined all the documents you will need from your own country, making special note of those requiring an apostille and translation into Italian. You must now begin gathering these certificates from the vital statistics office of the state or province in which the birth, marriage or death took place. These records, and accompanying apostilles when required, can be obtained from your nearest Vital Records and Apostille offices. Learn More.

Step 5: Submit Certificates for Translation into Italian

Some of your documents may need to be translated into Italian, depending on your embassy or consulate. While you are waiting for apostilles, you can order translations at the same time. ICGS translations are completed by an Associate member of the American Translators Association and are fully certified. Request a Translation into Italian.

Step 6: Prepare for an Appointment with the Italian Embassy or Consulate

Congratulations! You are close to finishing what has hopefully not been too long and complicated a process. At this point, you should have all the certificates you need with apostilles and translations into Italian (if your consulate requires translations). There are just a few more things to do before making the appointment. Getting Prepared.

Be aware that this process will not happen overnight. There are a number of variables that determine how long it will take, but the most important is how quickly you work to get this done! We recommend you plan ahead at least six months to a year.